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Bored with traditional roleplay?

Looking for faster action?

Looking for more realistic combat?

Looking for more enjoyment out of gaming?

Want to do something different instead of the same old same old?

Youve come to the right place

Battle for Ruin Mist: The Roleplaying Game

Battle for Ruin Mist: The Roleplaying Game introduces the Player Battle System and the Campaign Battle System. These systems represent the next evolution of gaming. If you let them, these systems can revolutionize the way you roleplay. Heres how they do that:

      Simplified Character Data Tracking

      Dynamic Magic System

      Active Cooperative Adventuring

      Active Player-vs-Player Combat

      Active Campaign Combat

      New Class System

      Easy AD&D Conversion

The Player Battle System


The Player Battle System is designed to simplify game play while providing the most dynamic gaming environment possible. This means more time spent gaming without unnecessary complexities. The visual aspects of the Player Battle System are what make it so fast, fun, and easy to use. Character Record Sheets are the heart of the Player Battle System. Character Record Sheets are used to summarize everything there is to know about player characters and non-player characters. Weve developed a revolutionary character presentation system that depicts all character stats o and provides summary stats that cover just about every life and battle scenario possible, including


      Ability to craft trade goods

      Chance/Natural Immunity/Ability to overcome circumstance

      Unarmed attack/Armed attack/Range weapon attack/Magic craft attack

      Physical defense/Magic Defense/Special Defense


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